The Clivus Advantage

The advantages of a Clivus Multrum waterless composting toilets are astounding.

The Clivus is completely natural

The decomposition process is a totally natural one. Chemicals are not used as they would only harm the various composting organisms.

The Clivus does not smell

No need to worry about bathroom smells! A small exhaust fan in the vent pipe crates airflow into the system and ensure that any toilet room smells are drawn away - resulting in less odours than even a flush toilet.

The Clivus is energy efficient

The small fan positioned in the vent pipe is the only components requiring power and uses only a few dollars-worth per year.

Alternatively, we have optional solar power systems that require no mains power connection at all, or even a wind driven turbo-vent in areas of constant breeze.


The Clivus is easily cleaned

The toilet bowl is easily cleaned with biodegradable cleaner and a toilet brush. Because of its straight-through design and unique shape it usually needs no more cleaning than a regular toilet bowl.

The seat and the outside of the toilet can simply be wiped with some disinfectant applied to a damp cloth.

The Clivus can handle large crowds of users

Clivus Waterless composting toilet solutions are designed to handle large crowds and shock loading far better than traditional septic systems due to the reduction in sheer total volume of waste during the composting process.

During the specification phase the ideal composting toilet solution is carefully matched with the long term use.

The Clivus will save you money

The Clivus uses absolutely no water, as against a conventional flush system which can consume over 30% of an average household's total water usage.

With more and more councils imposing charges on water consumption, this saving converts to dollars! If you rely on rainwater, either less storage is needed or you will have more water available for more important uses.


The Clivus works in "seasonal use only" facilities

Clivus composting toilets work extremely well at seasonal only facilities with little start up and shut down maintenance.

Clivus services and maintenance

With a Clivus Multrum Service and Support Plan for commercial and public facilities, you can be assured that your toilets are kept clean and in good working condition.

We develop site specific maintenance programs to fit the needs of each customer. From a full service contract, to training staff to do all maintenance, or something in between, we work with all clients to establish a continuing plan to ensure all installations are operating efficiently and at the lowest cost.

Contact us  to find how we can work with you to service and maintain your waterless composting toilets.

The end, clean compost

The organic hummus end product is simply removed via a large hatch at the front of the composting tank and can be dug into the garden.

The composting process reduces the volume of waste by up to 90%, so only a relatively small amount of compost is removed at any one time - so there is no heavy lifting or moving of smelly bins!

In most circumstances compost removal is usually necessary only once or twice a year; some customers have found it unnecessary to remove any compost for up to two years.

After a year or more in the compost tank the compost is safe to handle, has a fresh earthy smell, feels and looks, and is much like regular garden compost.