Every year Australian households waste millions and millions litres of water. This water is literally going down the drain when it could be put to much better use. Water from your bath, bathroom basin, laundry, composting toilet and shower are categorised as greywater, whereas waste water from kitchen sink is categorised as black water and typically have had to be excluded from greywater system because of contamination by pathogens and grease… but not any more!

Fortunately, with a domestic grease trap, kitchen waste water can be treated and used for outdoor or subsurface irrigation. (Check with your local council or state health department about requirements or restrictions.)

Putting your greywater to use has many benefits including:-

  • reducing your overall water consumption
  • reduce the amount of raw and untreated sewage into the oceans, creeks or rivers
  • can help to greatly reduce your water bills
  • when combined with a Clivus Multrum composting toilet gives you a green, luscious and healthy garden (especially in times of water restrictions or drought)

How much water can you save?

On average, an Australian household can re-use approximately 1500 litres of greywater every week. This is 18,000 litres of water every year being saved… that’s enough to fill a pool. Imagine a city of 2-5 million people doing this each year! (that would re-use over ninety billion… yes, that’s billion, litres of water a year!).

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Greywater can be diverted from your shower, laundry tub, washing machine, bathroom sink and Clivus Multrum composting toilet to the Greywater Diversion Unit. We use G-Flow, a WaterMark™ certified greywater diversion system from Advance Waste Water Systems. The G-Flow is a fully integrated, compact, easy to use and install unit. It can be wall mounted with brackets provided, above ground or partially buried. Greywater passing through the system will be filtered by four layers of lint filters first before entering the storage compartment where a submersible pump will then pump into sub surface irrigation.

Black Water

Black Water is classed as water that comes from your kitchen sink (and plumbed in toilet if you have one) and must go through a domestic grease trap (check with your local council for details).

How the System comes together

If you’re interested in having a complete greywater system installed in your home feel free to contact us today on 1300 138 182 and talk with one of our representatives about how we can help you combine a composting toilet system with a greywater system for your home.

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