"My EcoLet is very handy, it doesn’t smell and is no trouble at all."

“We don’t need much prompting to sing the praises of Clivus Multrum. We are very happy with Clive’s efforts, considering he has been neglected for weeks on end, flooded by a storm….and continued uncomplainingly through temperatures of up to 46°C…my only grumble is that there is not enough end product to feed the whole garden.”

"We purchased from Clivus Multrum an Automatic Ecolet composting toilet unit about 6 years ago.

We installed in on our weekend farm at Mt. Hallen, north west of Brisbane.

The toilet has been functioning well during this time and the biological nature of the system successfully decomposes the waste matter as stated in the product statement.

We are pleased with the installation and definitely recommend its use."

“I would like to reinforce to you our satisfaction with the Clivus Multrum toilet system we have installed in our home…I was surprised to find that the waste we removed from the tank had no odour at all and in fact the whole system seems to emit only the odour of the wood shavings we add regularly.”

"We installed our Clivus Multrum composting toilet 9 years ago when we built our new home in Cashmere. My wife was sceptical at first, but having taken a few girlfriends on a sniff tour of other Clivus toilets, she agreed to allow me to install one. The concept is brilliant, and with a minimal amount of maintenance, remains completely smell free. For my wife to whole heartedly endorse it, you can be sure it is good. When we do our extension later this year, we will definitely put in a second Clivus Multrum toilet."